MED Music delivers an educational African Workshop where children accumulate knowledge through being actively involved, playing on a range of authentic African instruments. This includes the usual African djembe drums plus African xylophones, djun djun, shekere, caxixi and gankoqui to name a few. Using instruments, the children will be making a “soundscape” to accompany an African legend, which culminates in everyone playing together in an African village party piece.

We link with other areas of the National Curriculum and give insight into where Africa is, what it is like and the similarities and differences from where we live.


Three one hour sessions are usually slotted into a day plus a presentation/assembly. We can cater for a maximum of 90 pupils in each session for the African Workshop.


The children benefited from the experience because it helped them to understand about the celebrations of another culture
Music and culture as a whole lie at the heart of the Every Child Matters/ Youth Matters vision
A fantastic day, enjoyed by all the children, we were amazed at how much the children learned in such a short space of time