The World Music Workshop aims to help children understand and appreciate cultural diversity, extending their experiences and developing their imagination through music, dance, art and story-telling. We explore the role of music in different cultures around the world, appreciating their similarities and differences.

The Workshop is a hands-on experience where children perform on a range of authentic instruments from different areas of the world. They learn about the musical components that make each style unique and also learn about the impact world music has had on our own Western European music.

The day is organized in three sessions of seventy-five minutes and we cater for a maximum of eighty pupils in each group (i.e. 240 pupils in total)

The children benefited from the experience because it helped them to understand about the celebrations of another culture
A fantastic day, enjoyed by all the children, we were amazed at how much the children learned in such a short space of time
Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand