MED Music delivers a unique cultural experience with its Chinese Workshop. Chinese culture goes back to ancient times and this is where we take the children. They will be fascinated to hear the myth of the Nian, a dangerous beast who comes out of hiding every spring around the time of the Chinese New Year to attack people in a village, with a preference for ‘tasty’ children. However the evil beast fears loud noises so the villagers and children are safe if they, hit drums, plates and bowls to frighten him away.


This is a stunning workshop where the children themselves recreate the ancient legend, perform on Chinese drums, gongs and cymbals, operate two fifteen metre long dragons, dress up in a lion costume and perform a ribbon dance, all to frighten away the Nian.  


Three one hour sessions are usually slotted into a day plus a presentation/assembly. We can cater for a maximum of eighty pupils in each session for this Chinese Workshop.


We really enjoyed Arne’s Chinese New Year. We would like to book again for next year
It was really fun - the dragon was really heavy - I liked the lion waking up
I wish we could keep the dragon