MED Music transports children into a mysterious exciting world full of myths, legends, gods, goddesses, princes and demons. Indian mythology is the richest aspect of Indian Culture and it is with the magical and intriguing Indian myths that we learn the origins and significance of Indian music. Story telling has always been an effective way of delivering powerful messages for the Indian culture and this is the medium MED Music chooses for delivering the highly educational Indian Workshop. The children learn what happened when people behaved badly a long time ago and how the god Indra requested they were distracted by a toy, in fact a musical instrument.  Interestingly evidence exists today that an involvement in music can improve behaviour and concentration. In any case it was decided that Narada, a travelling monk with a veena, an ancient Indian plucked instrument, would be the super-human of superior spiritual ability to deliver the new art form of music and promote more civilized behaviour.


We cannot promise our veena will have the same ‘calming’ effect on your children but they will enjoy, play and perform on a range of authentic Indian instruments. This includes tampura, tabla, gopichand, shruti box, sitar and dohl. It is a hands-on session where children accumulate knowledge through being actively involved and culminates in a large ensemble of an Indian piece. The Indian Workshop sessions are for one hour each and cater for a maximum for sixty pupils.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand
The children benefited from the experience because it helped them to understand about the celebrations of another culture
Music and culture as a whole lie at the heart of the Every Child Matters/ Youth Matters vision