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MED Music’s informative Christmas Workshop aims to help children gain an understanding and respect for how Christmas is celebrated in different cultures. Although essentially a Christian festival, it is celebrated to varying degrees in all five continents of the world. An around the world Christmas adventure is where we will take the children. They will get into the spirit of Christmas, but also gain a deeper, cultural and historical understanding of what Christmas is all about.

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The pupils will not fail to be excited by our large, exciting present boxes containing authentic Christmas objects from around the world and be surprised by some of the unusual contents. In which cultures do an umbrella, a beetle and a horse feature as Christmas traditions? How does the traditional Christmas music sound? Do all children from different cultures receive presents? The contents of the boxes lead on to hands-on activities for pupils including seasonal music and processions.

Three 75 min sessions are normally slotted into a day, with up to 65 pupils in each group for the Christmas Workshop.

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Debbie Adamson-Brattland
Music Tuition, Online Courses
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