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MED Music’s Olympic Workshop is an informative, hands-on, exciting and vibrant workshop in which we cover a great deal of historical, cultural and musical ground. The children are taken back to ancient Greece and learn about standard Olympic conventions past and present through an exploration into the significance of music. They will learn what it was like to be in a primary school in ancient Athens and how playing the lyre was one of the two important elements of their school curriculum. Trumpeting was an Olympic event and yes the loudest wins! Who will win your school’s trumpeting event? Other events will take place and the victorious competitors will have to accept their laurel wreath or jar of olive oil prize in ancient Greek fashion.

Who We are

On a variety of pitched and un-pitched instruments from the five continents of the world the children will enjoy, play and perform music from cultures other than their own, experiencing the difference between the diverse styles of music. The Olympic Workshop day culminates in a recreation of the opening ceremony with music, flags and costumes from the continents of the world.

The day will be divided into five forty minute sessions plus the final Olympic opening (or should we say closing) ceremony? We can cater for two hundred pupils spread over five sessions. Next up is the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia, followed by the next Summer Olympics in Brazil in 2016.

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