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Arctic Suite by Arne Brattland (Complete Recording: Mp3’s)

Arctic Suite by Arne Brattland (Complete Recording: Mp3’s)


Arne Brattland (solo guitar)
A Stormy Sea from Arctic Suite, Op.111 by John Duarte.mp3
Lullaby by Arne Brattland.mp3
Old Auntie's Wedding March from Arctic Suite by John Duarte.mp3
Pols from Arctic Suite by JOhn Duarte.mp3
Jiedna II by Ketil Vea.mp3
Minisonatine by Ketl Vea.mp3
Vind Vidda by Jan H. Henriksen and Arne Brattland.mp3
Iskrystall by Bodvar Moe.mp3
So I Say by Gunnar Germeten jr.mp3
Norwegian Dance Op 17:7.mp3
Cradle Song Op68:5.mp3
Norwegian Dance Op35:2.mp3
Album Leaf Op28:3.mp3
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  1. Arctic Suite, Op.111 (1983): A Stormy Sea/(På Stormfullt Hav) by John W. Duarte
  2. Arctic Suite, Op.111 (1983): Lullaby (Bånsull) by John W. Duarte
  3. Arctic Suite, Op.111 (1983): Old Auntie's Wedding March (Gammelmosters Bryllupsmarsj) by John W. Duarte
  4. Arctic Suite, Op.111 (1983): Pols by John W. Duarte
  5. Jiedna II (1988) by Ketil Vea
  6. Minisonatine (1989) by Ketil Vea
  7. Vinda Vidda/The wind the moors (1993) by Jan H. Henriksen/Arne Brattland
  8. Lullaby/Vuggesang (1987) by Arne Brattland
  9. Iskrystall/Ice Crystal (1997) by Bodvar Moe
  10. So I Say (1990) by Gunnar Germeten Jr
  11. Norwegian Dance/Norsk Dans, Op. 17/7 by Edvard Grieg
  12. Cradle Song/(Bådnlåt), Op. 68/5 by Edvard Grieg
  13. Norwegian Dance/Norsk dans, Op.35/2 by Edvard Grieg
  14. Album Leaf/(Albumblad), Op. 28/3 by Edvard Grieg


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