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Grieg, Duarte, Biberian by Arne Brattland (Complete Recording: Mp3’s)

Grieg, Duarte, Biberian by Arne Brattland (Complete Recording: Mp3’s)


Arne Brattland (solo classical guitar)

The original vinyl recording is now difficult to get hold of but now you can download the album. All the separate tracks are also available in the shop, plus you can hear little sample tracks.

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Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) Arranged by Arne Brattland

  1. In My Homeland/I Hjemmet, Op.43/3
  2. Norwegian Melody/Norsk, Op.12/6
  3. Solitary Traveller/Ensom Vandrer, Op.43/2
  4. Norwegian Dance/Halling, Op.47/4
  5. Peasant's Song/Bondens Sang, Op.65/2
  6. Elegy, Elegie, Op.38/6
  7. Waltz/Vals, Op.38/7
  8. Grandmother's Minuet/Bestemors Menuett, Op.68/2
  9. Folk Song/Folkevise, Op.12/5
  10. Cradle Song, Berceuse (Vuggesang), Op.38/1
  11. Waltz, Vals, Op.12/2
  12. The Watchman's Song/Vektersang, Op.12/3

John W. Duarte(1919-2004)

  1. Swallows/Svaler from Birds, Op.66 (1977)
  2. The Swan/SvanenĀ from Birds, Op.66 (1977)
  3. Sparrows/Spurverfrom Birds, Op.66 (1977)
  4. Sua Cosa, Op.52 (1972)

Gilbert Biberian (b.1944)

  1. Prelude No.3
  2. Prelude No.8 'The Romantic'
  3. Prelude No.5 'Colombine'


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