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School Music Workshops – Recycled Sounds – London & SE England


Early man made their musical instruments from materials taken from their immediate surroundings, such as pieces of wood, grass, hollow trunks and bear and bird bones, so the concept of using ‘junk’ percussion to create sounds is not new. We deliver a rhythmical, fun session where children enjoy, play, perform and ‘let off steam’ on bins and buckets. During the Recycled Sounds Workshop day they make their own ‘junk’ percussion item, perform on it and then take it home to perfect their playing technique! We release the creativity in the child, encouraging them to discover and explore the objects in their vicinity that could also serve as musical instruments. So teachers should be prepared for odd sounds coming from their classrooms in the days following this workshop. The emphasis is on rhythm. We incorporate simple call and response warm up games and build a polyrhythmic piece for ‘junk’ ensemble, activities differentiated according to the age and ability of the children. 

The Recycled Sounds Workshop begins with a “how to create your own ‘junk’ percussion presentation” assembly to all participants and teachers. The day is then divided into 30 minute practical sessions with a maximum of 50 pupils in each, plus a performance at the end of the day incorporating the ‘junk’ instruments the children made.