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Music Theory Tuition


Our teaching methods are thorough and we deliver high-end music lessons where learners enjoy, play and perform music whilst at the same time becoming fluent readers of conventional music notation. Music theory is incorporated into our instrumental tuition from the start and even very young children will be reading music fluently early on in their musical journey. Our aim is to develop independent learners capable of deciphering for themselves what is on a music score. Music theory speeds everything else up and developing all-round musicianship leads to confidence and greater speed in relation to interpreting a music score, plus a deeper understanding of the music.

We also provide more formal music theory tuition and have had considerable success guiding students through the Associated Board music theory exam syllabus grades 1-8. Why take the actual exams? Grade 5 music theory is of course required before one can progress to the higher Associated Board exams (i.e. grade 6-8), plus in our experience students are motivated by challenge and enjoy achieving. The consolidation process in the run up to an exam is an essential part in the process leading to an even deeper appreciation and understanding.