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School Music Workshops


We are a leading provider of music workshops and have visited hundreds of schools across the South East and London. We will travel further afield for two day workshops. Hover over the tabs above for details on the workshops we currently provide (i.e. African, Chinese, Indian, Recycled Sounds and Samba).

We deliver a rich cultural experience where children from an early age can enjoy, play and perform music.  In our workshops the children are the musicians ‘learning through doing’ on the most fabulous collection of authentic instruments. They receive a unique experience, acquiring an understanding for different cultural traditions. In so doing the children gain a respect for their own culture and that of others, plus an interest and curiosity for cultural diversity, leading to compassion for all human beings.  We are committed to music education and assist schools in delivering the National Curriculum. In just one day we cover so many areas of the whole school curriculum. Please get in touch.